“Classic” Flip Top Collar Unit

Made from Chemical Resistant Unbreakable Prime Polymer

  • State of the art Flip top dispensing system provides the most number of shots.
  • Flip Top Safety Lid requires no ON OFF motion to fire the unit, easy to fire with thumb or index finger.
  • Accommodates any standard 1″ (25.4mm) valve.
  • Install the “Wall Mount” on any surface to ensure your defense spray is where you need it, when you need it, all the time.

Classic Flip Top Collar Unit

Model numbers below with different sleeve configurations for a variety of shot patterns:

  • #CFT-58-115 – Open Barrel
  • #CFT-58-445 – Red Barrel
  • #CFT-58-660 – Blue Barrel
  • #CFT-58-330 – Black Barrel
  • #WMC-AC-BK01 – Wall Mount Clip

All products are available at your present supplier.

Stock color is Black.

#CFT-58 (US Patent #7.121.434)