GTM-58 Home-Work-Camping & Jogger Unit

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US Patent #7,121,434


Wall Mount
Wall Mount

HOME: While awake or sleeping, it is recommended that you assemble a wall mount near your Bed Stand and Family Room.
WORK: A wall mount should be attached to your desk to keep the GTM58 safely at hand.
CAMPING: Allows you to safely carry the unit clipped onto your Belt or Clothing.
JOGGING: Carry the unit in your hand, or clip the unit on to your belt, clothing, or other objects

Additional Features

  • Strongest Belt Clip designed for Comfort and Safety
  • Flip Top Dispensing System used by Police and Military
  • No ON OFF motion needed to fire the unit
  • Easily Sprayed with Thumb or Finger
  • Longest and Most Number of Sprays
  • First Time Use Indicator Available
  • Accommodates any 1” Standard Valve or BOV valvee