GTM-14 Flip Top Key Case Unit

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US Patent #9,199,784

Flip Top Safety Lid prevents accidental discharge
No ON OFF motion needed to fire the unit

GTM 14Flip Top

Exclusive Features

  • Finger Grooves for Comfort and Safety
  • Easily Sprayed with Short or Long Finger Nails
  • Molded using FDA Certified Polymer
  • Longest and Most Number of Sprays
  • Up to 12 Seconds of Spray
  • Range 10-13 feet, Impact Range 3-5 feet
  • 1-1/8” diameter by 3-3/4” Length

Quick Key Release Available

Quick Release

Colors: Black – Magenta/Pink – Red — Purple
Accommodates any 22mm x 58mm can and Valve Configurations
“Majesty” – “Precision Valve” Standard