American Eagle “High Delivery Female Valve”

Constructed using an Aluminum mounting cup and 3 different gasket materials to handle a variety of formulas.

Model numbers below with different Gasket configurations:

  • #FV-133 – Butyl Gasket (pink gasket housing)
  • #FV-213 – Neoprene (white gasket housing)
  • #FV-175 – Buna-N (orange gasket housing)

Available with “Dip Tube” assembled (custom length available)

Standard Dip tube lengths

  • 53mm x 165mm Can – #127mm tube length (5”)
  • 53mm x 185mm Can – #147mm tube length (5.8”)

American Eagle High Delivery Female Valve

Sold with the Avanti USA Ltd. “Kodiak-10” Bear Spray unit and the “Ballistic-14” Pistol Grip unit.

All products are available at your present supplier.