“Kodiak” Bear Spray Unit

Made from Chemical Resistant Unbreakable Prime Polymer (FDA Certified)

  • Self-locking Bushing for rigid retention to the mounting cup and can.
  • Actuators available to accommodate any standard 1” (25.4mm) valve or B.O.V.
  • Best used with the Avanti USA Ltd. American Eagle High Delivery Valve Actuators, available with multiple orifice configuration and valve styles.

Model numbers below with different configurations for a variety of styles

  • #KB-10-OW – Orange Wedge
  • #KB-10-NGW – “Night Glow” Wedge
  • #KB-10-CC – “Collar Clip” is an alternative to a bulky, uncomfortable, and costly nylon holster

All products are available at your present supplier.

Stock color is Black.

#KB-10 (US Patent #9,216,853)